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the budget battle, impasse in washington, lawmakers are taking their summer break, five weeks of vacation. by this time last year, they sent 64 bills to the president but half were minor. this week the house and senate have passed only 26 bills for president obama to sign into law. >> talk about a mad dash, members of congress leaving the capital, grabbing their bags and heading home for five week vacation. gone and time to pass big pieces for the country. >> you work until you get it all done. >> vacationing in the nation's capital. some can't believe it. >> average workingman is two weeks of vacation. >> look at the calendar. once they return, the house will have just nine working days before the end of the budget year. senate just a few more. >> my goodness. list of important things that can be done in the congress is as long as my arm. >> the senate met only for 96 working days. they were out of session for 53 disdays. house worked 102 days. worry, we are headed to another fiscal cliff. we tried to talk to several members but none wanted to stop to talk about the paid five weeks total
on washington. recognized as the defining moment in the civil rights movement events planned throughout the week. this to remember dr. martin luther king jr.'s dream and his call to end racism in the united states. ♪ freedom >> reporter: they came in busloads from cities across america. this morning, sliz preparing to make the journey back to the lincoln memorial. where americans demanded an end to racial inequality and after scenes like this. >> actually behind his shoulder in this picture. >> reporter: with just 16 years old when she attended the march. on saturday her daughter, tonya, will join her to commemorate 50 years for that historic moment. >> i have a dream today. >> reporter: that year, 1963. even president kennedy addressed the nation on tv. boldly supporting civil rights. >> all americans afforded equal rights and equal opportunities. >> 50 years later, a black man who is president. >> it was such a joy. to see even with a black president, we still have a long way to go. >> reporter: she says she is troubled by the death of florida teen trayvon martin. >> his badge of citizenship
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2